Be Still




My big challenge on this one was finding a way to show stillness in an image. I spent a long time working on ideas that didn’t work but then this particular image jumped into my head and fitted the theme so well.

Creating the layering of different reds, oranges and yellows around the candle was great fun. For a still image, there’s a lot going on. Sat in the middle of all that swirling intensity, there’s the candle which I deliberately made simple, almost empty, to capture that moment when we focus on one thing so much that the world almost fades away. When that one thing we focus on is God and His Word, incredible things happen.


This A5 design is professionally printed on high quality Veltique card.
The inside of this card is blank so you can write your own personal message.
You do not need to find an envelope for this card as I’ve provided one totally free, and talking of free we’ve also paid for postage and packing so you don’t have to.
As our cards are FSC mix you can be sure that you’re supporting a product that has not been manufactured at the expense of the forest, or the animals, plants, and people who rely on it.